Review: Geekerella

GeekerellaGeekerella by Ashley Poston

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read his book in one sitting! I found it enjoyable, and far-fetched. But I didn’t expect anything less with a book titled ‘Geekerella’.

I enjoyed Elle and Darian’s storylines. It was great to see a love story where the individuals have separate issues— which they deal with individually.

But my favourite character development was Calliope’s.

Speaking of which, we get THREE gay girls featured in this story??????? HELL YES. This includes the fairy godmother (Sage) and Darian’s co-star (who he has to pretend to date for EXACTLY 23 days).

Also, I’m a sucker for the traditional story. My heart goes out to Elle— nobody deserves to be treated that way AND she’s orphaned. Ugh.

But somehow her first ever boyfriend fills that void????? typical.

I liked the main protag’s separate stories, but once they merged it was very unoriginal and lacked interest.

However I did enjoy the extra meaning the author added to Elle’s story. It was adorable and quirky and certainly hipstery.

To be frank, it felt rushed. After all this build up of them not knowing each other, they both under-reacted. So, it was a bit disappointing.

But the leading up to the climax was enjoyable. This book is worth a solid 3/5 stars. I may have rated it higher, but I save those ratings for the reaaally good stuff like epic love stories within unique fantastical worlds (ie Sarah J. Maas level shit).