How to Have Consistent Blogging Content

I’ve been blogging since September 2014. Since then, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. This post is targeted to fellow bloggers whose niche is books


Now many of you would know that bright colours, GIF reactions and reviewing popular YA books (i.e. Sarah J. Maas) roll in the larger page views. But not enough of these blogs emphasise consistency.


Utilise your queue/schedule feature.

This isn’t to say have quantity over quality. No way. Just work one day at a time, stacking up some brilliant, fun and funky posts to share with the world.


Besides book reviews, you probably post book discussions.

The best way to do that is through tags.

Or, in other words: Book Memes.


You can search for mass-posts that list endless ideas for tags. I love girlxoxo’s. Hers is a comprehensive resource that you can adapt to any subject.



I started using book memes almost a year ago (just by challenging myself, in which it turned into a fun habit that stops be ever having writers block!), and my views skyrocketed. People like to see listigrams (look at Buzzfeed) or suggested content. Bookworms strive to find new content and discover new stories all the time! That’s why it’s perfect for book blogging. 



Recently, I’ve been following several ideas from Broke by Book’s masterpost. This is more if you want more of an essay format, which is great if you want to research into your posts instead of just babble.


This is just the start of fun ideas for blogging! I hope you enjoy these ideas for tips and tricks. Are you somebody who likes to queue blog posts beforehand, or freelance it a little?