The Goddess Test Review

The Goddess Test (Goddess Test #1) by Aimee Carter


4/5 stars.

What a great story!!! 

It’s written wonderfully– no complaints there. It always made sense and never confused me. Nor did it bore me. 

The characters were really interesting– if you like how Riordan characterises the Greek gods, then check this out! 

At the beginning I didn’t know whether to ship Kate with Dylan, James or Henry. For some reason I thought Henry was an old man so I was jokingly saying including him in my question– but oh.

Oh boy.

What a cute couple they are!!!!!!

It’s really angsty, but with lighter undertones so it isn’t too #HelpImInForks #IHateTheCold&Wet 

I’ve read a phew revivals on Persophone x Hades, but this is probably top 2. I also love Meg Cabot’s revival, so if you like her writing (for paranormal romances) you’ll like this.

The ending was excellent. Some may say it’s cliche, I don’t know, I’m usually unobservant when it comes to those things. But I thought it was fair and wasn’t too HEA fairyland, you know???

It had pain, it had anguish, it had hot make out scenes and mentions of eternal love

It was perfection. 

Fave moment? When Henry (Hades) springs across the room and kisses her passionately after she reveals her feelings. Sounds corny, just read it. The build up was so good. The only way I could compare them; they’re like Chuck and Blair, but way less tame and more down to earth (literally ha ha ha ha ha stop me now). 

It felt like a short read (it was actually average), so you tell me if that’s good or bad. Good because I flew by the book loving every moment, or bad because you want more substance– whatever, I’ll just keep reading.

The only reason this isn’t 5 stars is because I read a definite 5 star yesterday, and I love this but just not as much. Probably because it was too short. 

It wasn’t instalove. But it had cliche moments.

The Goddess Test was a simple concept, but I really enjoyed it. The fact that her results made me gasp ALOUD needs to be mentioned– I was like a typical teen fawning over some high school drama (but it soooo wasn’t, this was real and meaningful, I tell you!!!!!!!!) 

Overall I never cringed at the story, and it made my heart hurt a bazillion times. Definitely worth a read, I’m glad I bought it. 

I just hope the sequels fulfil my hope and expectations now……… (part of me doubts it) 

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