Review: Misrule

I put off reading this for three years, omg.

This was not my fave in the series. Maybe because it’s been so long since I adored the earlier instalments. I didn’t like that there was a greater focus on Phil, Phil’s mother, a funeral, etc. Like it felt like there was a lot of ‘waiting’ for things to happen– which, yes, adds to the tension, but not for 300/400 pages of the finale. Boo.

I wish there was a greater presence of Finn, he v much pulled a New Moon Edward and was like “to save you, I’m peacing out, goodbye” and then at the end was like “oh HeyYYyYYY.”

I loved when Finn called Pearl his “Pearl-friend” (not girlfriend haha).

I was so psyched to get into the fairy realm and explore all of the fairy-ness. But we hardly got any. It was a whole lot of blacking out. AHHHH.

What I did appreciate, as a NSW young adult: there were so many references to the HSC and it was gr8. I related. It was cute.

I feel that the first 250 pages should’ve been cut, and more should’ve been extended from the ending. I feel ripped off.