Cinema Sunday #1

This is a counter-book-blogging meme for book bloggers who want to share non-literary stories. The meme is hosted by Jessica, and invites us to share what we’ve watched during the week and/or what we look forward to watching.

I’ll be frank: I don’t watch TV (film or shows) much anymore. If I do, it’s the news (good god, how old am I?!?! I love you, Michael Rowland!!!). So I can’t say I’ve watched much, nor can this be a recurring meme on my blog.


What I Watched this Week: Agatha Raisin (Season 3)

Episode 3: Love from Hell

It was a veryyyyyy weird episode, with odd flashbacks and untrustworthy memories. I did NOT like Agatha’s dress (see image above), and as always, Charles was my favourite character, who makes me laugh. We say a temporary goodbye to stale-old James, woohoo!


Episode 4: As the Pig Turns

Watch Agatha Raisin Season 3 Episode 3 - As The Pig Turns Online ...

Now THIS episode was gruesome and had one of my favourites (Roy) in the spotlight. I didn’t find the sexual innuendos funny, honestly it seemed like the first half of the episode was written by a middle-aged gay man. It most likely was. Thank goodness the second half of the episode (Part 2) was a lot more action-focused and had light-hearted fluff from the friendships again. FYI: I think Toni is WAY TOO YOUNG for Bill. If she’s on her L’s (even if she has gotten them a little late from her teens), she is sooooo not right for Billiam whatsoever. Blurgh. My spotlight character for this episode was Sarah– I actually quite like Charles x Sarah, but they could never have such a thing while she’s still married (as a Church of England member, so really, what’s in a ring? A vow? King Henry made the sanctity null).


What’s Next on my Watch List for April 2020:

Disclaimer: I will be lucky if I complete THREE of these options. But lets see how many hours I invest into reading and Animal Crossing… THAT will be impressive (and more up my alley). 


  • The newest episodes of Arrested Development

Arrested Development (season 5) - Wikipedia

  • Riverdale Season 4 Episode 16
  • The Imitation Game (rewatch) The Imitation Game [DVD]: Movies & TV

  • Equals

Equals – Review | Equilibrium movie, Equality, Romance film



  • Anchorman 1 & 2 (rewatch)

Anchorman' anniversary: Top 10 clips countdown

  • Doctor Who (Starting from the 12th Doctor and then the Female Doctor)

The one big problem with the first female Doctor Who

  • Emma

Gwyneth Paltrow Movies Emma 1996 Her Best Performance

  • Miss Congeniality (rewatch)
  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  • Ocean’s 8 (rewatch for the 100000th time)


Amazon Prime:

  • Good Omens
  • What Men Want

What Men Want - Event Cinemas

  • Red Joan
  • Jumanji


Releases I’m Looking Forward to:

  • Weekly Brooklyn Nine Nine episodes
  • Killing Eve Season 3 (THAT SHOW!!!!!!!! IS !!!!!!! MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I look forward to some silliness and some fun from these movies.

I hope you all enjoy binge-watching movies/shows while in self-isolation.

I still have another 3 weeks of uni left until I can enjoy having no academic obligations yay!!!

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