Review: Girls with Sharp Sticks

Review: Girls with Sharp Sticks

Girls with Sharp Sticks (Girls with Sharp Sticks, #1)Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I read this in the morning on my Kindle, in my bed for the Reading Rush. I loooooved this book! I knew from 40% in, this book would be a 5 starred book for me! This is the dark side of Stepford Wives and Truly Devious mixed together.


Mena: our main character, Mena, was unreal. I adore her. She is so relatable. She was so human. I loved ever flaw and confession spoken by her. I loved her intuition, and her patience (she was NOT hot headed).

Jackson: Not REALLY a love interest, and I appreciate that. He’s a guy who clearly fancies one of the prettiest girls in all the land, but he’s got a heart of gold and cares about female rights. Go Jackson.

The Teachers: Diabolical, but perfect for playing the evil villains.

The Girls: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the friendship in this novel. All girls supported each other. I’ll be honest, I completed reading this about 6hrs ago, and now most of their names have left my head. I loved the lesbians, the best friend, and the rebels. There was nothing wrong with them. I think this was an excellent friendship group.


Trouble and discontent arise with the strict all-girls boarding school. Girls don’t want to be playthings, they want to have an independent consciousness and the power to decide for their own. Unfortunately, those girls disappear.

Mena does not like that.

So while she investigates the school, she meets a boy on an excursion. That’s pretty much it, they meet 3 more times (to different extents pivotal to the story, but I won’t share).

Mena gets closer to the edge of finding the dark and sickening control this school has over the girls, but is subdued and tortured to ‘forget’. Thankfully, The Girls (her closest friends) help her back to being ‘awake’.

The continue to be obedient, perfect housewives in class, but at night, they plot their revenge and escape.


This story is told entirely through Mena’s perspective. It has roughly 30 chapters, which are all fast paced.


– Sexism and Misogyny
– Women’s Rights
– Complacency


There are too many to count!


(view spoiler) This was a brilliant twist.


I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style. The writing was fantastic, and drew me in every sentence. I am a fan of Young’s writing, it definitely clicks with me.

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