I’ve Ditched Reading???

Hi friends! I know, crazy and sacrilegious title. I’ll never denounce reading, I promise.

Since December, I’ve had a holt to reading. I have been so overwhelmed with my re-borrowed library loans. I don’t know why I didn’t just return them.


I’ve been a lot more invested in make up recently. It’s quite similar to my love for books; I love watching people get excited and review it. That’s almost as fun as owning the book/reading it. Same goes for make up.


I have made a monthly TBR that I have made no move on. Here it is:

January TBR:

  • The Wicked King 8/1
  • Two Can Keep a Secret 8/1
  • The Gilded Wolves 15/1
  • The Vanishing Stair 22/1
  • 99 Per Cent Mine 29/1
  • A Curse so Dark and Lonely 29/1
  • The Love and Lies of Rukhana Ali 29/1
  • The Dead Queens Club 29/1

February TBR: (I haven’t found out the release dates for these) 

  • Soul in Darkness
  • Dark of the West
  • The Deceivers
  • Kingdom Cold
  • Enchantée
  • The Art of Losing
  • Stolen Time
  • Four Dead Queens
  • Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee
  • We Told Six Lies
  • Lady Smoke
  • Mist, Metal, and Ash


If you have any recommendations for balancing my two hobbies, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m somebody who likes to deeply invest into one thing and it’s not a shallow hole to dig myself out from.

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