Review: Ash Princess

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Ash Princess (Ash Princess Trilogy #1)Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars


I sped through this, forgive me! It was due at the library and I had been hoarding it since July 2018… enough was enough. CLEARLY, I wasn’t as interested as I was when I picked it up. I loved many elements of this book, such as having a Kaiser, but I also did not enjoy the polygamy in it. But yay for representation?? I can’t make up my mind, hence the 2.5/5 star rating.


Theo: Kinda has the Anastasia Romanov backstory except she’s not hiding; she’s a prisoner in her own kingdom (or, what used to be her kingdom). Her “voice” reminded me of Evie from Lifelike.

Soren: Prinz of the Kaiser, and, of course, is one of the love interests. He is sweeter than the other guy, who’s basically…

Blaise: (the most YA-fantasy ‘Chad’ name ever) Gale from the Hunger Games. He’s her childhood best friend. That’s pretty much it for Blaise’s story. Next.

Cress: oh shoot, I was just about to say who she reminded me of, but I’ve forgotten last second!!! It was along the lines of somebody from a huge YA series, maybe the Selection? Bugger… if anybody can tell me who Cress reminds them of, that’d be really helpful!


A young girl sees the overthrow of her Dynasty. She is kept alive, but witnesses everybody she loves murdered. Now, a young adult, Theo wants to take back her kingdom. She schemes a bunch of missions and assassinations, but first, she gets close to all of them. That’s pretty much it. It wasn’t too eventful. But the ending (view spoiler) was interesting. I wish the book ended there!


This is told in the third person, but we watch under the guise of Theo.


– history but not real history
– politics (?)
– love triangles (this is the first book that has ever turned me off them– and I think the reason for this is that Theo is poly and so there’s no ONE true love… not my thing, I’m sorry :S).


the burgers are better at hungry jacks

not an actual quote but what do you expect when I speed read a book???


I wish it ended with a bang! But it didn’t. (view spoiler) Theo was exposed. So… why did we see such a tame resolution at the end? What was the point?


I’ll read the next one, as I’m curious to see what Theo does with the throne. However, I’m not invested in any characters whatsoever.

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