Review: Dry

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DryDry by Neal Shusterman

My rating: 4.5/5 stars (.5 star off for little romance)


I read this is one sitting— I couldn’t put it down!


Alyssa: main character. Her dad has prepped up on the Dry (Tap-Out). She grapples with fending for yourself over others.

Garrett: Alyssa’s younger brother. He reminds me of Max from TMI.

Kelton: boy living next door to Alyssa. Clearly has a thing for her. Used his drone in year 8 to peep at her. Lovely.

Jaqui: rough homeless girl who sticks it to Alyssa’s ignorance.

Henry: the despicable capitalist who lies and manipulated people in a time of emergency.


Global warming has caused most of the south USA to run out of water. This follows 5 teens trying survive the end of the world, when all the water has run out and everybody owns a gun.


This book is not separated into chapters, however it does have 5 parts. It flips between perspectives brilliantly, which is not a common appreciation of mine. Well done to the Schusterman’s!


– global warming
– survival of the fittest
– family over others
– guns… just… guns
– water consciousness


It is a HEA, thank god! I was thoroughly pleased. If I were to react like anyone, it would be Alyssa. I would be hesitant to ever take showers ever again, and savour each and every drop.


I loved this book. It is a new favourite. I will buy this and recommend it to all my students and friends!

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