Review: Shadow of the Fox

Review: Shadow of the Fox

Shadow Of The FoxShadow Of The Fox by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This was such a fun and simple read— EXCEPT I WISH I KNEW THERE WAS A GLOSSARY AT THE END OF THE BOOK, FML. I was just making up rough definitions of the Japanese terms as I read. I am such an idiot.


Suki- our main girl, was a delight. I’m not attached to her but I didn’t find her irritating. I think she’s a good protagonist for younger YA audiences.
Tatsumi- hi he is a cinnamon roll and deserves love and kindness and I like how he treated Suki.


Okay so there’s dragons and shape shifters in this… I’m not really into dragons, and if you aren’t either— have no fear. It focuses more on the people and the selected chosen ones.


– Japanese culture and legends
– dragons!!
– good v evil
– chosen one in an academy/school setting type of thing


The Dragon is rising.


Nothing bad like a cliff hanger.


I’ll read on! I’m not like I WOULD KILL FOR THE SEQUEL but when it comes out I’ll borrow it ASAP :3

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