Review: Once and for All

Review: Once and for All

Once and for AllOnce and for All by Sarah Dessen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


YAAAAY!!! This book has made me embrace reading again. Thank you, Sarah Dessen! I’ve had some shockers recently. The writing style was back up to what I enjoy in YA.


Louna: Louna is relatable and quick on her feet. I enjoyed her wit and her thought process for things. I felt her embarrassment, he confusion, and her teen-i-ness.

Ambrose: people hated this guy?? I adored him. He’s a goof. I wouldn’t pin him as he identifies himself, some PLAYERRR, he’s more like Andy from Parks and Rec.


Louna’s mum is a wedding planner. Louna and Ambrose meet for Amrbrose’s sister’s wedding. He ends up working for the wedding planning company. About half way through, Louna and Ambrose make a bet: they must switch dating lives. Louna must date 3x per week (at least) while Ambrose should try to stick with one girl for 7 weeks.

Lo and behold; they fall for each other.

It’s corny and cute and I loved it.


– weddings
– teen dating
– new adulthood


I thought I was going to be left heart broken, but the final pages saved me. THANK GOD! That’s the catch with Dessen’s books: they’re always stand-alones, so when the couple aren’t HEA by the final 10 pages— I panic.


This book has reignited my love for reading! But not for fantasy (gasp!). Time to give romantic contemporaries a go.

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