Library Program//Hogwarts Study Hall

This is the sweetest teen library event I’ve ever seen. I wish my library did this!

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December means dark and chilly nights, lots of gingerbread treats, and more patrons in the library because of finals. Our library completely fills up near the end of the semester. Every table and outlet is used after school and other patrons are left to find another place to study. I started holding special study sessions for teens at my library after noticing how many high school students were leaving the library to go elsewhere because there was no room for them. Lots of teens would come to the library after school only to find that there was nowhere to sit. I hated seeing my target audience leave after making the effort to come to the library.

What is it?

Copy of Hogwarts Study Hall.jpg An example flyer for Hogwarts Study Hall. Include a brief description of the event and theme.

    • Teens study, work in groups, complete homework, and do other quiet projects while enjoying free…

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