Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #7

Time to babble about everything! Feel free to skip this one (but if you do, you may be tickled by ghosts in your sleep). This book meme is hosted by Christine @ Bookishly Boisterous.

There’s only really one thing I’ve been thinking about today. It’s Shane Dawson, and his docuseries on Jake Paul. I haven’t seen the finale yet (that is my reward for queuing my blog posts).


Here are my thoughts for each episode:

  1. The Dark Side of Jake Paul – Eh, I don’t trust Shane. He’s not doing this “just for the truth”. But whatever, I’m here for the overdramatic sound effects.
  2. The Family of Jake Paul – I think this is 100% f*cked that they are getting a psych to evaluate Jake, but I did appreciate the girl for doing her research. Unfortunately, as Emmmasbooks pointed out– she was describing a psychopath, not a sociopath.
  3. The Enemies of Jake Paul – Okay so this is the best episode yet, and I think that’s purely due to the awesome house tour.
  4. The Mind of Jake Paul – god damn it, I am sympathising for a bratty multi-millionaire.
  5. The World of Jake Paul – I feel for Jake, but I find his girlfriend to be fake as hell. But at least she’s not acting like a tween, she’s quite mature!
  6. The Secrets of Jake Paul – this is the best example of Shane dragging out minutes for ad rev.
  7. The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul – nope nope nope. This was so similar to the Tanacon docuseries, and we all know how fake that was. I don’t want to blame a victim here, but the focus is shifted to the Ricegum-esque drama.


Other thoughts:

  • I finished my final classes for this year at uni! Now I have 2 assignments to complete.
  • I am sick.
  • I have only read 25 pages of KoA. Send help.


So those are my silly thoughts. I’m sick and can’t read rn. Enjoy your weekend!

3 responses to “Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #7”

  1. I was a little bit apprehensive when Shane announced his new series, but I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. I quite like the series although at times it was a bit messy because he didn’t really know where it was going. In the end, I mostly liked it but I am annoyed at how he tried to present Jake as just some dumb kid who doesn’t understand his actions. I don’t think that’s right at all, he’s actually quite smart. I mean, he’s created a million dollar business empire and you don’t do that if you’re uneducated. I don’t like Jake Paul now (I didn’t like him before the series either) but I am interested in him and people like him.
    Hope you get better soon Cal!


  2. I still haven’t watched the final episode yet, I kind of lost interest in it after a while because of how long it was dragged out for. I hope you feel better soon!


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