Ten Books to Read for Halloween | Top Ten Tuesday

Blogging prompt by Janai: Halloween/Creepie Freebie. Well folks, I am a scaredy cat. So here’s some teen, heart-throb, paranormal romances. That’s as hardcore as I get.

The Twilight Saga:

  • Twilight

Why it’s spooky: vampires, and scary love interests. Oh, and moving schools. That’s terrifying.

  • New Moon

Why it’s spooky: breakups are scary, so are werewolves who are prone to slashing girls’ faces off. Also, there’s an almost suicide and that’s spooky in a “yikes” kinda way.

  • Eclipse

Why it’s spooky: idgaf if you can watch Paranormal Activity, you have to admit this movie adaption was creepy as hell. Zombie-like-vampires? Mass creation? Treading through the water like that??? I can’t watch this without the lights on.

  • Breaking Dawn

Why it’s spooky: Demon. Baby. Also, it’s the end of a saga. I’m not emotionally strong enough to handle that.


The Lux Series:

  • Obsidian

Why it’s spooky: it is almost exactly like Twilight, except with aliens. Isn’t that wild???

  • Onyx

Why it’s spooky: creepy second ‘love interest’ enters, and he’s a psycho.

  • Opal

Why it’s spooky: the couple were stable and happy the entire time??? Sounds like a trap and constantly put me on edge.

  • Origin

Why it’s spooky: gurl that cover is disgustang and my eyes are scarred. Also it has Area 51 as a major setting, which is  bad-ass.

  • Opposition

Why it’s spooky: um. It’s not. BOO! There, you’ve been spooked.


And for all you haters out there, here’s a hot 2018 spooky recommendation:

Cred: Eclectic Bookworms
  • Sadie by Courtney Summers.

Why it’s spooky: super dark themes and deaths and stalking and plotting for murder.


What’s a YA paranormal that you recommend?



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