Review: Son of the Dawn

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Son of the Dawn (Ghosts of the Shadow Market, #1)Son of the Dawn by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 2 of 5 stars



This was a fast read. I haven’t read Clare in forever, but I still regard her as my favourite. I found the writing disengaging. I’m sure this is because it focused on 10 year olds, and not young adults. However!!! It was great to see Jem (but this would’ve mattered more to be pre-City of Heavenly Fire onwards). The best part of this novella was Jace’s one liners.


Jace: poor abused boy who is just about to have his life flipped upside down.

Alec: oh such a mature good boi.

Isabelle: god damn, she was irritating. I usually love Izzy??? What happened???

Jem: completely constructed for us to cry after our feels from Clockwork Princess‘ ending.


Jace has arrived, heyo. Here’s the beginning of everything: Alec meeting Jace, and Maryse becoming a mother to another boy.

Also there’s Jem but tbh I don’t see why we had to see what he was up to?


It flips between whatever the sad monologue of Jem is, and Izzy reacting to Jace’s arrival.


– nothing too deep for me to list “themes”


“‘Would’ve been a damn shame,’ Lily confirmed. ‘Magnus throws an amazing rager, too.’
‘I wouldn’t know,’ said Raphael, casting a look of distaste upon the joyful riot of the Market. ‘I do not enjoy people. Or gatherings.’”

“The Silent Brother was a lot less scary than Isabelle had been expecting. In fact, from what Isabelle could see beneath the hood, he resembled one of the mundie singers she had seek in posters around the city.”

“They are Will and Tessa, and you were Ke Jian Ming. You were James Carstairs. You were Jem.”

“‘Brother Sixpackariah,’” she said. ‘It’s been a pleasure.’”

“‘What do the initials mean? On your staff. Do all Silent Brothers have them?’
… The letters were W and H.”

“‘All warriors get wounded sometimes. Planning to run away and become a Silent Brother?’
Jonathan Wayland shrugged. ‘I applied to the Iron Sisters, but they sent me a hurtful and sexist refusal.’”


Everybody else who’s reviewed this was sad but I was like meh? This is nothing compared to the full length novels…


I’m going to continue on, but these Shadowhunter short stories are not for me…

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