Goals for Winter Break

I’ve just survived another term at uni, and I want to make my time off count!

What inspired this list was the fact that I wanted to get ahead on my next term’s homework. Sadly, I can’t access the readings list until the semester starts, so my hopes are shattered.

He's heartbroken

I can, however, focus on other fun and productive things!


I actually miss typing and teaching and creating ❤ PowerPoint ❤ slides so this holidays will be filled with me making tutorial material 🙂 Hopefully, my three students will appreciate it. If you’re struggling or bored with your humanities subject, email me. I’ll make a PowerPoint tutorial for free. I just love making them. They’re fun (I’m such a dork but hey– I can’t wait to be a teacher!).


Blog Aspirations:

  • Revamp the theme
  • Revamp the content
  • Review more books
  • Start scheduling posts again
  • Interact with new and mutual blogs
  • Write longer posts


Reading Aspirations:

This one is no different at any point of the year. It’s to read more (duh). I also should create a list of books I want for my birthday 😀

Broom broom, it’s me bish

Random/Other Goals:

  • Ride my bike more (to the library hehe)
  • Maybe make more BookTube content?
  • Send my boyfriend his birthday prezzies
  • Re-navigate the blogosphere– I feel so out-of-touch!

How Am I Going So Far?

For My Blog:

Great! I just upgraded to premium. I want to experiment with running ads. I don’t think it will be profitable, but it’s worth a shot! I’m also feeling overwhelmed with how much effort I will need to polish up my content. I have no idea where to begin, what to write… argh!

My Reading Goals:

Not too great, but that’s because I’ve been working hard in my first two days of holidays doing tutor-errands 😀 Now I have unlimited time to read– woohoo! Oh! While I was tutoring at the library, I may have signed up for another library branch membership XD I just HAD to borrow Ironheart (Valentine, #2) ❤ ❤ ❤ If you don’t already know my love for Jodi McAlister, check out my review on her debut novel Valentine. I also signed up for Kindle Unlimited– if you have any recs, please share!

Books I Have On Loan:





How’s summer going, in the northern hemisphere? 😀