Goals for Winter Break

Goals for Winter Break

I’ve just survived another term at uni, and I want to make my time off count!

What inspired this list was the fact that I wanted to get ahead on my next term’s homework. Sadly, I can’t access the readings list until the semester starts, so my hopes are shattered.

He's heartbroken

I can, however, focus on other fun and productive things!


I actually miss typing and teaching and creating ❤ PowerPoint ❤ slides so this holidays will be filled with me making tutorial material 🙂 Hopefully, my three students will appreciate it. If you’re struggling or bored with your humanities subject, email me. I’ll make a PowerPoint tutorial for free. I just love making them. They’re fun (I’m such a dork but hey– I can’t wait to be a teacher!).


Blog Aspirations:

  • Revamp the theme
  • Revamp the content
  • Review more books
  • Start scheduling posts again
  • Interact with new and mutual blogs
  • Write longer posts


Reading Aspirations:

This one is no different at any point of the year. It’s to read more (duh). I also should create a list of books I want for my birthday 😀

Broom broom, it’s me bish

Random/Other Goals:

  • Ride my bike more (to the library hehe)
  • Maybe make more BookTube content?
  • Send my boyfriend his birthday prezzies
  • Re-navigate the blogosphere– I feel so out-of-touch!

How Am I Going So Far?

For My Blog:

Great! I just upgraded to premium. I want to experiment with running ads. I don’t think it will be profitable, but it’s worth a shot! I’m also feeling overwhelmed with how much effort I will need to polish up my content. I have no idea where to begin, what to write… argh!

My Reading Goals:

Not too great, but that’s because I’ve been working hard in my first two days of holidays doing tutor-errands 😀 Now I have unlimited time to read– woohoo! Oh! While I was tutoring at the library, I may have signed up for another library branch membership XD I just HAD to borrow Ironheart (Valentine, #2) ❤ ❤ ❤ If you don’t already know my love for Jodi McAlister, check out my review on her debut novel Valentine. I also signed up for Kindle Unlimited– if you have any recs, please share!

Books I Have On Loan:





How’s summer going, in the northern hemisphere? 😀

7 responses to “Goals for Winter Break”

  1. Hahaha, I love that you love powerpoint! I recently listened to a podcast where the host actually interviewed a woman who makes powerpoints for a living. Ooh, I hope you like Shadow and Bone! My relationship with the Grisha series is kind of weird: I read the second book and then looked up the spoilers for both the first and the third one and ended up not really either of them. Summer is going great up here! Thanks for asking :))

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  2. Ugh, winter is certainly here with a vengeance! It’s the perfect time of year for snuggling up with a great book or several. Really interested in seeing what you think of Shadow and Bone especially. I’ve tried to get into myself a few times and haven’t been able to really. I really need to get my blogging act together too. Had tonsillitis for a few weeks and only just starting to feel a bit better, so trying to get back into not only posting but reading without falling asleep every few pages.


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