True Life Horror Story: I Had No Wifi!

True Life Horror Story: I Had No Wifi!

Yep that outta do it. Enjoy the title of this blog post.

Friday night I lost wifi, and Wednesday afternoon I finally am re-connected.


“Oh Cal, you must’ve read so many books without the distractions! How was it?”

You guys have way too much faith in me.

I read 1 book! And I’m halfway through another. 


I’m pathetic (but also; a god at Animal Crossing: New Leaf).


My goal to read a book every day of December has foiled.


What’d I Do, then? 

  • Play Animal Crossing at 9-11am, because that’s when the stores are open and everybody’s awake. 
  • Watch Friends. 
  • Maybe read. 
  • Repeat. 




Yay! I survived the wifi-apocalypse! Time to celebrate by… oh. Reading- but with dutiful Goodreads updates 😉


So… what’ve I missed?

4 responses to “True Life Horror Story: I Had No Wifi!”

  1. AHAHAH don’t worry. you might still be able to catch up over break…maybe?

    you joined the animal crossing reading challenge, right?! i feel like you’d like that


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