Review: Let’s Get Lost

Let's Get LostLet’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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I had a wonderful journey with Let’s Get Lost! I read it in one sitting, for about three hours. It was heart-wrenching from the moment you pick it up, and never stops being angsty and romantic.


My favourite duo had to be Hudson and Leila. But I did appreciate all the other storylines, which include:


Hudson, who is willing to throw away his dreams for love. And Bree, a runaway who seizes every Tuesday- and a few stolen goods along the way. Elliot, who believes in happy endings…
until his own goes off-script. And Sonia, who worries that she’s lost her ability to love.


Also how great is this fanart???

This book is formatted into 5 chunks. It follows Leila’s road trip heading “North”, to see the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis.



Each chunk (as I so eloquently phrased), is a short story with an encounter from a new angsty teen. It was very cliche but warmed my heart.

This amazing blog mapped out the journey.

Discovery, journeys, belonging, the future, love, loss, hope etc. + any other buzzword you can think of in a sappy novel/movie.


“People hurt each other. It happens to everyone. Intentionally, unintentionally, regretfully or not. It’s a part of what we do as people. The beauty is that we have the ability to heal and forgive.”

“It was time to let go of the mad desire to remember. It was time to start living whatever life would come. In the present, not the past.”

“What if she was supposed to be a painter, but no one ever gave her a brush?”

“So it’s pretty simple. Go sing. Sing well or sing badly -it doesn’t matter, as long as you sing your fucking heart out.”

HEA insured! YAY! It ends with (view spoiler) however I’m sad we do not get to see the rest of the hitchhikers.

This book was profound and will leave me thinking about it for a long time. I loved every theme and issue and crisis that was mentioned in this book, and I think it should be a necessity for all teens to read it (though I’m sure some would find it too pretentious and cliche to enjoy).


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  1. Ahhhh sounds cute! *adds everything to tbr* i need a light romance to get into so i’ll definitely check this out! how’s reading going for you?

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