Bookish Confessions #2

Yep. I’m a sinner. You all know that from my first list… this is just shameful.


1. It took me over a year to read all the books I got for my birthday.

I said I’d read them all ASAP, but I just kept going to the library. And reading on my new Kindle. And the cycle never…. ended…. #sendhelp.

I’m a monster. You’ll all be happy to know, that another birthday has passed and I’ve read all but one of these books! 😀

2. I usually buy books online… sorry independent bookstores!

It’s true! I use the website to compare prices (in AUD) and they usually come from Book Depository or Abe Books. Shame on the big franchises like Dymocks and QBD literally charging 3x the amount on a paperback!



and finally… 3. I enjoyed a movie adaption more than the book!

In case you’re wondering which book, it was The Hobbit! Albeit, I did watch all three movies before listening to the audiobook years later, but high-fantasy is much more enjoyable (for me) when I hear the beautiful compositions and see all the cool magic effects.



That’s all for now! If I continued, I feel like bookworms would start coming to my home and start booing outside my window.

Are you guys particularly guilty of any bookish unpopular habits/opinions?