Podcast Recommendations

To be frank, I really enjoy podcasts! I think they’re a little old fashioned, but it’s become a habit of mine to fall asleep listening to one. 


The podcast that got me into the medium was Jenna Julien Podcast.  I was quite obsessed

with this over the summer, back at the start of this year.





Another podcast/YouTuber I laugh my head off is 47-year-old Cody Ko‘s podcast, Insanely Chill. He’s an Canadian actor, comedian, and Ivy League graduate who just rambles

about his life in LA. It sounds like he’s narcissistic, but he’s one of the most self-aware internet “influencers” online in 2017.




As for Bookish podcasts,

I’ve listened to Book Riot’s All the Books podcast. I haven’t listened to more than three episodes, as they tend to ramble. Since the hosts aren’t really famous, it’s not as interesting. But Book Riot host a tonne of podcasts with heaps of cool ideas! They’re more for people who enjoy adult fiction, non-fiction, and news. Basically; old people interests.


Do you listen to any podcasts? Would you recommend any to me?

3 responses to “Podcast Recommendations”

  1. that’s cool! I’ve never heard a podcast before, where do you listen to them? what exactly are they?


    • If I want to watch them discuss stuff, I go to their Youtube pages (I linked them in this post). Alternatively, when I sleep, obviously I’m not watching (rather, I’m solely listening) so I find them on Soundcloud.

      You can also find the majority of podcasts over on Apple’s Podcast app, which derived from the iTunes app. It’s free to download and listen (at least to the ones I listen to) since they have 30 second sponsors read in the middle of the talk. It’s not bad at all, Jenna and Julien make them hilarious (they do a segue-off). Enjoy!!! They’re really fun once you find something you’re in to 🙂

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      • ooh that sounds very cool! i’ll definitely go listen to one sometime next week (book talk? sign me up!)


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