How I Arrange my Bookshelf

Original post: Shelf Control #1

It’s taken me a long time to perfect my display of books. Like many bookworms, when we first get into reading, there’s plenty of space! But then it accumulates… and grows… and g r o w s. 

After 2 years of having my mother and friends trip over my random stacks of books on the floor, I got my first-ever proper bookshelf (not the little ones that I had previously!) :D.

Here’s a snapshot of what my cramped bookshelf used to look like! Ick! Original post: Days 6-18 of #AKReadsAug2016 Reading Challenge


How I Used to Order my Books:

By favourite to least favourite. I know, unorthodox. There was no cross reference to author or anything like that; just favourites at the front, to least (hiding behind). 


After a year of my book collection growing, I reordered my two shelves so they were in trend; aka, RAINBOW. 

Yes, these books actually lived at the foot of my bed. Original post: It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? #1

But I soon learned how much of a pain rainbow shelves were. No series together, no authors, no order. If you can’t remember the cover of the book: you’re stuffed. This happened to me, a lot. I have an awful memory (despite articles saying ‘bla bla if you read more, you’ll improve your memory’ etc). It was a nightmare. Yes; there were some cute pics. But the practicality was a mess.


How I Currently Present My Books:

It took me three hours to scan every book I own and tag it under my Goodreads shelf: “owned”, but it is worth it. I’ve catalogued my books, and they’re ordered alphabetically by author’s surname. Look at me, all grown up.


My Top Tip for Organising Your Bookshelf:

Open Goodreads’ barcode scanner. Scan all your books. Make a virtual shelf for them, so you have a catalogue that’s easy to search and keep track of. Trust me; it’s a life saver.



The Final Product

Here’s some mediocre shots taken from my camera. I’m pretty sure my iPhone could do better than this, which is worrying…

I think I will need to invest in a new camera…
My favourite shelf: M to R.


Tarot cards that I have yet to play with…


This is my extras shelf, with my Kindle, diaries, bookmarks and playbook.
The bottom is my new books I got for my birthday and library stack!

Future Plans:

As I’ve hinted a little on this blog, I wish to start up a Booktube channel soon. I will jazz up my bookshelf for my viewers, with a few fairy lights and merch like other Booktubers use to entice viewers! 😀


How do you order your books?