Bookish Confessions #1

I am certain I will make this into a series, since I have plenty of guilt as a reader. Maybe you’ll agree with me? This will include some of my unpopular opinions, but I don’t mean to offend anybody!

Unlike most people I encounter on the web; I don’t really like Hardbacks. 


My mum says I have “child-like hands”. And it’s true– they’re tiny. I hate that phones keep getting bigger. I can barely hold anything! Also, I find it really uncomfortable how high-maintenance hardback covered books are. I feel there’s some huge pressure to keep them looking new, even if I want to crack the spine!


I count DNF’s to my reading challenge


I know. Feel free to discredit my reading achievements now. But for me, I take time looking into the story, the author and the background of the book. I usually press myself to read to 50%, too. So it’s not like I read one sentence to an unknowing book, and decide to give up (even if I wanted to: who are you to judge me for it???).


I use some… ahem… illegal methods to obtaining books


I know. I’d say “sue me” but there’s obviously a money problem already, okay? Lay off . I support libraries and independent book stores! I like to use vk, ePubbud and iBook Pile. I rarely do it anymore. The last time I did it, I downloaded as many of the books I already own for my Kindle, so I could travel without them (Last December!) …..


I hate Harry Potter (but love Twilight)


Okay, I know I’m going to be unfollowed by a few for this one. Trust me, I gave HP a chance! I just couldn’t go on after book 5. Harry is the worst. IMO.


I’m a huge fan of fantasy, but I hate dragons


I’ve said this to everybody I know in real life, and I’ll say it again. Did you guys ever have those weird kids in later-primary (/elementary) school who pretended they were animals? And even when an adult or fellow peer wanted to speak to them… normally… they would keep meowing on the floor or something rather odd??? At least in my school, there were kids like that. And they took Yu-Gi-Oh waaaay too seriously. But worst of all; they were always obsessed with all-things-dragon. Ugh. 


And finally…

I didn’t read City of Bones until I had read the sequels to the Mortal Instruments!

I watched the movie (as well as Vampire Academy, except for that series, I actually read book 1) and decided I needed to know what happens next. And I was hooked. Flash forward four years later and I don’t really regret it. Also, don’t worry: I have read every Shadowhunter book at least twice (some, even four+ times). I’m not a fake fan, PLEASE believe me!!!


Were you shocked by any of my answers? Does anybody agree with me? DON’T LET ME BE ALONE IN THIS, PEOPLE.