#TheReadingQuest Update 6

Today’s the final day of #theReadingQuest ! I don’t know if any of today’s reading counts, so if not, here’s a mini wrap up of what I did since the last update.

I finished the Bard level!

Ash 20 XP + 29.1 HP
Openly Straight 20 XP + 32 HP
A Man Called Ove 20 XP + 33.7 HP
Lily and the Octopus 20 XP + 30.7 HP

+ 30 XP for finishing a character

 400 XP
HP: 464
Well! That rounds up quite nicely, doesn’t it? 😀 

trq 6

Now I’m onto the mini levels (if today still counts). This has brought a smile to my face, which surprises me, as I was actually getting quite stressed about this silly competition!

How is your Reading Quest going? Did you ever get stressed?