Goodreads Groups You MUST Join if You Love YA

If you haven’t already seen my mass post, click on my Book Clubs page to see which book clubs I find the most fun to engage in, on GR. 

If you’re feeling like taking some mindless quizzes/polls (which I swear, are addictive):

Polls for our Souls

★Polls About Life★


Up and Coming YA Communities:


Cosmo Readers has a few book challenges lined up, as well as buddy reads. If you’re looking to read along with somebody or rant about a book you love/hate, here’s your place to go!




Forgotten YA Gems is another great book club for those with picky-tastes. You’d like this group if you really only like to read a few books a year, so you can know which YA books are worth your time!



YA Kingdom Book Club host spoiler-full discussions at the end of every month after


reading their Monthly Book. They also invite members to reading challenges and games, all within are fairly small community.

All About YA is a classic reading group you can join. They have endless games and challenges, like scavenger hunts!



If you’re also interested in slightly more mature stories, check out these two YA and NA Groups:


Coffee Break – YA/NA is special due to it’s constant support to new/indie authors. They also are very active and up-to-date with newsletters.

YA/NA FANATICS says it all. You are super into YA and NA??? Then sign the heck up!!!

Are you involved in any GR Groups?

3 responses to “Goodreads Groups You MUST Join if You Love YA”

  1. I’m involved in a few Goodreads groups including my own that I created that’s a Ya book club called Beyond The Surface that reads a ya book every month centered around mental health and mental illness. But some other great Goodreads groups are polls for our souls and Suspenseful reviews and Chilling reviews that have started their book club recently.


    • Oh that’s right! I recently joined your GR group, I’m pretty sure! I haven’t been involved in anything yet. I’ll be sure to recommend it next time I rave about my Groups (which I do, a lot).

      I haven’t heard of Suspenseful reviews and chilling reviews– but I definitely need to check it out!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ohh yeah! I didn’t realize you had already joined it. I’m glad to have you reading along with us. There are a lot of really cool groups on Goodreads and I’m really glad that you do this sort of post!


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