#TheReadingQuest Update #5

So somebody told me in my last post that the cut off date is the 10th of September; not the 13th!!! Eek!!! Some super intense reading has booked up my whole weekend, now!

trq 5

Also I made a mistake in my last update; I’m not a Bard: I thought that was the top across row! I was actually a Knight!

knight card

… But NOW I’ll be a Bard. Since I just finished another player’s level. Woo Woo! Maybe I can complete it all by Sunday.

Red Queen 10 XP and 38.3 HP
Under a Painted Sky 20 XP and 38.4 HP
Huntress 20 XP and 37.1 HP

+ I finished another character (+30 XP)

XP: 290 XP
HP: 338.5

Level Up: I’m now on level 5! 😀 10 more points to level 6.

bard card
I’m too lazy to make a brand new card so enjoy my slightly edited one (you can barely see where I made my previous mistake!)

How are you going with #TheReadingQuest?

3 responses to “#TheReadingQuest Update #5”

  1. ahh wow! good job–so much progress! I’m trying to finish up 4 more books to get all the quests done, idk if it’ll happen though!


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