5 of the Best Fictional Dads

You’d be surprised how hard it was to find books from my read pile that don’t have teens who are orphaned. Nonetheless, Happy Father’s Day! I doubt there’s any dad’s reading this besides my own, but I thought I’d make this seasonal post anyways 🙂


5: Lara Jean’s Dad 15749186

You may remember the widowered (???is that even the correct phrasing? Male widow?) father of the three adorably cute, Korean/American girls. I like that he still tries to include their mother’s heritage in their lifestyle, even when they’re being brought up in America.

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2096969814: Marguerite’s Dad

I can’t really say much about Marguerite’s crazy scientist of a dad, but let’s just say– he’s pretty cool. He invented a time travelling machine/necklace, but incidentally introduces a few mishaps (aka EVIL) from the other realms.

My GR’s review.


3: Charlie Swan (Bella’s Dad) 418651

Some people may detest this one, but I thought Charlie was hilarious! Plus he was a great source of non-vampire-related advice for Bella. Plus, he made the movies that little smidgen more enjoyable.


281872: Poseidon (Percy Jackson’s Dad)

He’s got sass, and oh yeah, he’s a god. He’s probably not ‘Father of the Year’ for his other son, Tyson, but to Percy he’s been pretty cool. Unlike Zeus (tsk tsk).

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And finally…

1: Feyre’s Father

The ending of ACOWAR is all I need to say. Yeah, he sucked c. ACOMAF (and just abandoned his three daughters). But he was a major hero in the final battle of the trilogy.

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