Review: Of Neptune

Of Neptune Of Neptune by Anna Banks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3/5 stars.


This was better than the last book… but it was totally unnecessary. This book just created problems than anything else. It could’ve ended in the previous book.

The writing was better than book 2, but I still think I need to reread book 1 and see why I rated this 5 stars. These books are mediocre, at best. It’s a shame how downhill this trope-fest of a book, actually is.


“‘With you, I’ll take it any way I can get it.’
Awk-ward. Also, ew. ‘Reed-‘
‘Too much too soon?’
‘Too much anytime. I’m with Galen. We’re going to be mated.’ But I recognise the trace of doubt in my declaration.'”

This makes me cringe for many reasons. How is this anything like a believable teenager dynamic???


“‘You don’t know these people, and Galen isn’t there to protect you. I’m coming to get you.'”

GOD FORBID SHE PROTECTS HERSELF. oh my god the sexism I can’t.

“But she chose me. I’m going to make this up to her.”

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP? What is a healthy relationship? Some kind of bread???

“Galen has had to begrudgingly allow room for Grandfather, to accept that he’ll be taking up some of my time now,”

Cheers, Galen. Thank you for your blessing. Thanking you for “allowing” Emma to spend time with her family. You’re so giving, such a great boyfriend. Goals af, amiright?


Safe to say, I’m not going to miss this book series. It’s such a shame I didn’t enjoy the sequels :/

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