Wattpad and Why I Stopped Using It

I never really got into Wattpad, but several of my friends did. I don’t have anything against unpublished authors– but the ratio of One Direction erotica to “actual” fiction is far too ridiculous.

Like Marcy said, it’s optimal for Middle School/Grade readers, who want to explore the worst mediocre alternate universe’s of fellow YouTubers and pop stars.

A Reader's Oasis

Helloooo book lovers! How are you today? It’s Marcy here and today I’m bringing you another discussion post! Now usually, at this point, someone would tell me that this was a bad idea and that I should have more variety. However, I love discussion posts sooo much. I think they’re so much fun and I feel like they’re really personal.

I promise a book review will be coming soon. For now, I want to talk about the biggest free online book community to ever exist: Wattpad.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what Wattpad is, but in case you don’t, I really suggest you check it out. Although, I’m about to drag the website in a couple of paragraphs…

Wattpad is a “free online story telling community” according to the website. Users post stories, poetry, and articles that anyone and everyone can read. I first found out about Wattpad way back…

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4 responses to “Wattpad and Why I Stopped Using It”

  1. I’ve ‘visited’ Wattpad but didn’t come across any outstanding writings… I also hate that I had to wait until a new episode is posted so I haven’t used it in ages but if I didn’t have the money or if I didn’t have anything to read I’d probably try and find a story in the gazillions of stories on there 🙂


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