Review: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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4.5/5 stars.

I LOOOOVED THIS BOOK, the second time round.

Guys. It was brilliant. I’m cringing at my previous review; I was an idiot (who obviously couldn’t pay attention to the story in 40ºC heat and reading it on my iPhone).

I’m confused on who the hell I’m supposed to ship Blue with.

Also, sue me; I can’t help picturing Blue’s hair… well… blue. Oop.

I felt like I was reading some weird fantasy fanfiction of Dead Poet’s Society, as well as Looking for Alaska.

The character I cared for the least? Ronan.

But idk pls don’t kill me, he may end up being my fave.

My only annoyance was how the book addressed all of Blue’s family with just their first names. It was a bit confusing at the start to follow who Blue’s mother was. I like that this book isn’t written through first person, especially Blue’s, but also; it jumped around a lot. Like one paragraph I’m reading Ronan’s train of thought, then suddenly we are reading about Adam’s feelings, without the conclusion to what Ronan was on about. It just feels… crowded?

But I’m loving it.

I will totally read further in the series. It’s not urgent for me to, and I couldn’t handle have a marathon back-to-back with each, it’s a bit too heavy, but I definitely will read on.

I am sooooooo glad I reread this book. Hopefully the other instalments are just as great?

Updates second time through:

April 16, 2017 –
page 237
 50.64% “2: Okay so now I’m confused if I’m meant to be shipping Blue with Gansey or Adam oh my oh my (and Noah keeps disappearing and nobody really cares??)”

April 16, 2017 –
page 212
 45.3% “This helicopter chapter made my heart tighten oml what a great chapter”

April 16, 2017 –
page 154
 32.91% “2: okay so I’m kind of shipping Blue with Adam even though I have been spoiled so many times about a certain somebody being hella gay and I just hope my memory is serving me wrong from multiple accounts.”

April 16, 2017 –
page 136
 29.06% “2: yooo this is getting so intense.
– Whelks is so interesting
– Adam, my bby.”

April 15, 2017 –
page 80
 17.09% “2: I’m suddenly way more interested in Ronan, despite the weirdly worded backstory we just got.

Love Blue. She’s strong willed.”

April 15, 2017 –
page 52
  11.11% “2:
I’m enjoying this book way more this time but the pace has dramatically slowed now that all the boys are here. I feel like it’s blasphemous to say; but I don’t enjoy the group. Sure, it’s a great gang of teen boy angst, but it’s not interesting for me.”

April 15, 2017 –
page 0
 0.0% “Rereading, hoping to enjoy it more this time… last time was on an ebook, I hated the glaring light of my iPhone :(“

3/5 stars.

I promise I would’ve loved this if;
1. It wasn’t ONLY available on my phone in tiny font (I love reading on my kindle; but on the iPhone it just makes my eyes hurt).
2. It wasn’t a 40°C day and I’m melting.

It was just super hard to follow when I was hot and in pain (my eyes looking at my iPhone screen).

I’m still really confused so if anybody can actually explain the plot that’d be great thank u!

All I understood;
– she’s clairvoyant (future me, from April ’17: NO. SHE ISN’T. FOOL. WHAT WERE YOU READING???)
– Noah is a mystery (future me, from April ’17: no freakin’ shit–… his plot is great!)
– I like Adam and his storyline (tbh honest it’s a bit Nate from GG S1) (future me, from April ’17: um yeah kindof but also not really bc Nate was incredibly oblivious and… dumb.)
– Gansey is as interesting as his name (why is he usually the person in focus? I thought Blue was????) (future me, from April ’17: again; FOOL. WHAT WERE YOU READING???)
– Whelk is bad (future me, from April ’17: again; no freakin’ shit)
– 2 of them are roommates (but I didn’t gather much from it) (future me, from April ’17: again; FOOL. WHAT WERE YOU READING???)


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