The Sunday Post #6

Here’s to a new week!


I’ve been horrendously ill; but my goal for this week is to not.

And to read 3 books. 

If you haven’t already voted, please vote on what books I should read next for the Make Me Read-a-thon challenge.

This week, I’ve…


I’m currently reading: 

  • Salt to the Sea (audiobook), which I’m really enjoying! I think it’s going to also be a 5 stars (??????? WHich is UNHEARD OF from me. I usually only come across a 5/5 starred book every few months!)

My To-Be-Read pile for this week is (all library books):


I’m a little late to this… MAKE-ME-READ-ATHON:

Please vote for which book I should absolutely read for the Make-Me-Read-AThon this August.

Also if anybody wants to buddy read with me, I’d love to!

And finally, this week, I’ve Ranked All the Shadowhunter Chronicles.

What’ve you been posting?