Review: The Raven’s Wing

The Raven's Wing The Raven’s Wing by Frances Watts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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4.75/5 stars.


What a cute novel. I didn’t think it was at the start, but I was already hooked because Claudia (protag) was sassy as hell and very spirited. She was sooooo enjoyable to read.

I honestly was shocked that her and Marcus became a thing. I was so sure that Marcus hated her. Their love story is cliche as cliche Ancient love stories can be; but I still loved it???

This was recommended to me from my fave librarian who runs my YA book club. She was raving about it because of how accurate everything was. And I am pleased too, as the big history head I am. That was very impressive. Bless, Watt. You’ve written a lovely novel.

It only has a fraction of a star taken off because I’m unsure if I’d read it again. And is this a stand alone? Bc I want MORE. I need MORE. PLEASE, WATT, WRITE MORE!!!

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