Review: The Return: Nightfall

The Return: Nightfall The Return: Nightfall by L.J. Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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3.75/5 stars.

This wasn’t as good as the previous volume, but it had a lot of Delena so YAY IM HAPPY!

But Damon was possessed so technically it wasn’t REAL Delena.

I’m still accepting it bc I’m desperate.

I really don’t care for Bonnie or Matt anymore. There was an attempt to have a major subplot about them, but ugghhhhh I don’t care. I didn’t want to keep up with it. I was just dying for the continuation of Delena.

But I can tell Delena isn’t end game which sucks (for me).

My fave moments;

1. When Damon was possessed and made Matt and Elena do weiiiird stuff oml.
2. When Damon was holding out his arms for Elena (this is such a DID story blurgh) and was willing to die for her (ahhhgg! And yet Elena was like: I miss Stefan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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