Of Poseidon Review

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks


5/5 stars.

I can’t think of a damn thing that was wrong with this book.

Well written and developed characters with a diverse range of representation?


Unique plot line that involves an interesting world with developed concepts and problems?


Left me wanting?

Double check.

The romance in this book is ultimately: on point. Galen is such a babe, he shall be my new fictional boyfriend. He’s thoughtful and caring, but still has that somewhat needed (sometimes regarded as cliche) “jackass” characteristic. But if he didn’t possess this trait, everybody would see him as 2 dimensional or creepy (… my poor Edward Cullen).

Emma was a great protagonist, I would happily read about her again. She may have been a little off at the start but I’m gonna blame that on her best friend dying.

Do you know how happy I am to read a quality mermaid story?????????

Immensely. That’s how much.

Tarof and Rayna are my all time fave couple. Sure, Emma and Galen were cute (and hot) as heck; but this couple made the novel for me. It’s simple jealously high school drama, but I thrive off it. Tarof was charming in his own way. Rayna was bad ass af and I praise the author for such great characters.

There was not a single character I didn’t not like.

If I could, right now, I would bow on my knees and praise the author. You are a goddess, author (whatever your name is I’m sorry I forgot.. I’ve already downloaded the rest of the series, and will happily gobble up the rest of this story! I read it within 2hrs, and I’m sad it’s ended. The writing never made me bored or want to stop reading. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS STORY!!!

I’m a happy reader, indeed.

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