Mailbox Monday #2

G’day, my fellow dudes.

Today we’re going to hit it off with Mailbox Monday.

The last time I made this, it was a week before my birthday. Now it’s a month later, and boy, did I get a lot of books. Over 20, in fact. 
I spent my birthday evening showing my best friend all the books I got, and why I’m excited to read them. 
Already I’ve read a few: 
Hopefully I’ll make a post in the sometime future, showcasing all the books I received. I got so many, I’ve run out of space on my shelves. They’re now sitting in small piles around my bed (secretly I’m making a book throne). 
Other books I received were:
  • Of Poseidon (Paperback)- Anna Bank
  • The Goddess Test (Paperback)- Aimee Carter
  • See Me (Paperback)- Wendy Higgins
  • Landline (Paperback)- Rainbow Rowell
  • Never Always Sometimes (Paperback)- Adi Alsaid
  • Adulthood is a Myth: A Sarah s Scribbles Collection (Paperback)- Sarah Andersen
  • Carrier of the Mark (Paperback)- Leigh Fallon
  • Marked (Paperback)- P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast

My next read is going to be: 

Carrier of the Mark (Paperback)- Leigh Fallon

Review to come shortly! 

Just a FYI: I’m about to do the most important exams I’ve ever had to face, so I will be busy studying. But I’ve been using my new books as a motivation between breaks. Shamefully I had to return some library books (and never even got to start them- I never do that!!), but having these is less pressure. 

I think I’m about to beg my mother to order the sequel to Everneath, as you’d know from my review that I’m eager to find out if the protag’s heart switches to the bad boy I want her to be with 😛

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