Removing Friends on Goodreads

So I decided if I’m going to promote this blog; the IRL friends have ta’ go.

I don’t feel too much embarrassment for them to see my book reviews. It’s the personal stuff I don’t want them to see. I’m sure many of you can relate to that.

Anywho, I find it quite hard to navigate Goodreads. From time to time I’ll post easy How To’s, as a checking point for me but also to help some of you guys if you’re bad at technology like me!

Google’s simple instructions were good enough for me:

To remove a friend, click on the friends icon in the header (the icon directly to the left of your profile image) then the “edit friends” button. Click the X next to the name you wish to remove.

The only issue is that I have to manually do it with each friend. There’s no easy, ‘select all’ way. Then it would have to refresh my page. I’m used to it though as it happens whenever I edit my book shelves on there.

Happy Removing,

the other one

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