Exam 1 of 7

1st half of my English is complete! Now I frantically have to memorise 3 essays for tomorrow’s exam. Great.

I think I’ll stay in bed and read a little more before I do.

Today’s test went well-ish. I wasn’t prepared for what it asked but I think I handled it relatively well. I finished within the 2hr period and didn’t blank. I went to Macca’s after with a half of dozen friends or so to cool off. That was nice 🙂

I had an awful night sleep beforehand. 12:30am start, I woke up every hour (except 4am) until 5, when I made myself practice the exam.

For some reason while I was eating breakfast I had to throw up (and we know how much I hate that). Twice. My brother needed to vomit about half an hour before I. My cause was from nerves, I think.

Tomorrow will be my most stressful exam of the 7. 3 critical essays I must regurgitate within 2 hours- ugh.

the other one