Throne of Glass Review

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass


4.5/5 stars

This book was AWESOME! I was expecting a lot more to happen, but I like it anyways.

Throne of Glass is a kickass- feminist fantasy. It’s like Mass read the Selection, picked up every error there was, and created this better version! 

The fantasy world was beautiful. Albeit, I couldn’t always keep up, but for the most part I thought it was well developed. I imagine everybody to have British accents. 

If anybody wasn’t keeping track of my updates, I was constantly asking who am I supposed to ship Cel with? The Prince (who’s practically Maxon but less… slutty?), or Choal (who’s basically Four).

Cel was an awesomely unannoying character. She WAS NOT a Mary-Sue, she LIKED to kill people, and she wasn’t like America who was a lil bitch running around the castle constantly fighting for a ~rebellion~. Cel knew what she wanted, didn’t act impulsively, and was funny. Genuinely funny, not the “I’m sassy to show you I’m not like most girls”. Though her humour slowly decreased as the book went on, but that’s understandable as she had a mini-hunger games going on. 

Random Goddesses and Faes, but that’s okay. This isn’t a Cassie Clare book, so I’m guessing we don’t need to know the theology thoroughly behind them.

I do wish we had a deeper description on what the characters looked like. Choal and Maxon- sorry, The Prince, were eventually looking the same in my head. Oops.

Cain reminded me so much of Peter from Divergent. Except, Cain didn’t stab somebody’s eye out with a butterknife. I also saw a sliver of Celine from the Selection in Kaltain. But I’m glad she was sorted out.

The final test- WELL WRITTEN, MASS! I usually get very bored reading action scenes, and usually that’s because of the writing style. Tbh, I thought I’d had Mass’ style of writing. I don’t know why, maybe I was just being a book snob. I’m not into Tolkien’s LOTR style, and for some reason this YA fantasy reminded me of it (from reading the synopsis). I was fortunately mistaken, and Mass’ style was so good, that from my original plan of sitting down and only reading 50 pages- I ended up reading the entire book in 1 sitting! That hasn’t happened in a long time (I have a short attention span). 

The romance was also a nice change. It wasn’t really insta-love, so that’s a bonus. Cel’s note for books was hysterical. I fell for Dor a little bit more when he sent his book recs. Good authors always include bookish moments in their stories 🙂 I FEEL LIKE SARAH GETS ME. She knows how to get me to fall for the story and characters.

The plot wasn’t the fastest, but it was so enjoyable to read through. I’m left here thinking, “What a nice read.” 

I wouldn’t actually read this again, just because I’m not really into this fantasy anymore. I like urban fantasy, with gadgets and cars. The alternative to that is awesome fantasy. I’m not saying ToG was a weak fantasy, bc the realm was EPIC, it’s just, the mystical creatures needed a larger focus for me to really like this book. 

I recommend this book to people who really enjoyed the first book of Divergent, particularly Tris’ time in initiation, and those who enjoyed the Selection. If you hate the Bachelor-ish parts of the Selection, than this book is for you! This book is truly a gift from God, I tell ya. 

I’ve been dying for a cleanse(?) from the Selection. What I mean is, the Selection’s synopsis was so interesting, but actually reading the story was painful. To this day I don’t know if it was the writing or America and Maxon’s characterisation, but I found the books highly problematic. They had this typical sexist undertones that I wanted to cry over. 

ToG burns all those problems, and fills them with AMAZINGNESS. I thought this book would be boring- but alas, it wasn’t! I can’t wait to read the sequel. 

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