Feed Review

I heard of this book while binge watching the vlog brothers. Hank talked it up so much, I knew I had to read it.

Unfortunately I hadn’t seen it in any of the book stores, and then suddenly there were 5 copies in my local library!

The book is set in a scifi dystopia, with a bunch of teenagers. As usual. Oh! With a corrupt system where everybody has a “feed” imbedded into their heads. Human’s were computerised. Titus, a conspicuous teen boy, meets a girl, Violet, and along with his friends they go hang out at a night club. The night takes a turn for the worst when a hacker fries all of their feeds. Glitching and making them ‘mal’ (malfunction). They all soon recover, aside from Violet. But it can’t be that bad, can it? It’s just a computer. Except it’s not. It’s the new central nervous system, the brain takes second in command. What’s Titus to do when his new girlfriend is dying? 

As tragic as Hazel in TFIOS, Violet’s malfunction is the cancer of their world.

The first half was a little bit hard to get into, but once Violet’s tragedy takes play, I couldn’t put it down. I hated Titus for the majority of the book, and how selfish and superficial he was offline- which really made me think about how am I offline? Would I like who I am offline? Anderson has made a wonderful masterpiece I will never forget!

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